Assisting neighborhoods in building a seamlessly linked cradle-to-career pipeline of education, health, and social supports to create communities of opportunity for children and their families; providing technical assistance; facilitating peer to peer learning; advancing and supporting equitable policy strategies; and serving as a link to public and private investors.

About Us

PNI combines the leadership of PolicyLink, the Harlem Children's Zone, and the Center for the Study of Social Policy in order to provide resources and guidance to build and sustain burgeoning Promise Neighborhoods.

The PNI approach places accountability and results for improving the well‐being of children and families at the center of all aspects of the Promise Neighborhoods initiative.

Our work connects sites with local resources to wrap children in education, health, and social supports from the cradle-to-college-to-career, and serves as a link to federal, public, and private investors.

Working to create healthy environments for children and families, our team provides leadership and management coaching, communications strategy, and other technical assistance to the Promise Neighborhoods community.

Building sustainable cradle-to-career pipelines requires support from a myriad of stakeholders. Philanthropy — national, regional, and local foundations — are well positioned to inspire transformational change.

Building partnerships and sustaining relationships are integral to who we are and how we work. Read what some of our stakeholders have to say.