Tools | 2011

Cradle to Career Directions

PNI has developed two templates to assist you in representing your cradle-to-career infrastructure and the results you are achieving for children because of it. We envision that this will be an especially useful tool for sustainability. This set of tools includes (1) an aggregate snapshot of your pipeline, and (2) a general template that will be used to dive deeply into results/work associated with each Promise Neighborhood GPRA. Both templates are built around core pieces of your work: population results, baselines and targets, continua of solutions (families, programs, policies, and systems), partners, and funding. Through these complimentary templates, you will be able to provide an overview of your results-driven cradle-to-career system, while simultaneously providing specific, in depth snapshots of each indicator – and especially the level of flexible funding that is necessary to maintain and scale each deep layer of your work.