A Promise Worth Keeping

10 May 2010 |

Now this is exciting.

The Promise Neighborhoods movement is growing stronger and louder every day. It’s as though the PolicyLink motto of “Lifting Up What Works” has come to life! Community leaders across the country are embracing the Harlem Children’s Zone model and using those ideas to help bring their children all the broad-based supports they need to succeed.

In the week since the Obama Administration released the application for $10 million in Promise Neighborhoods community planning grants, the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink has seen our member list surge past 2,000 people.

We are here and ready to help – through both the planning and implementation process.

This is a core component in helping the equity movement thrive. Countless communities are, right now, bringing together key stakeholders to envision the way to make the Promise Neighborhoods program work in their unique situation.

As Harlem Children’s Zone CEO Geoffrey Canada said in marking the launch of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute:

“Improving the odds of poor children is hard work – it takes dedication, determination and a clear sense of where you’re going,” Canada said.

Geoff Canada knows better than anyone that making a Promise Neighborhood succeed can be difficult and sometimes frustrating, but also incredibly rewarding. The equity movement is embarking on long journey with this effort. The possibilities are limitless. The Promise Neighborhoods program could be the key we need to cracking the code of intergenerational poverty – and finally giving every child the opportunity to succeed.

That’s a promise worth keeping.