Creating Successful, Safe, and Healthy Schools

14 May 2010 |

What makes a successful, safe, and healthy school? The Department of Education says the Promise Neighborhoods program and the Harlem Children’s Zone model are a big part of the answer (pdf). Promise Neighborhoods, the DOE report says, offer crucial community-wide models for dealing with the challenges of concentrated poverty:

The Promise Neighborhoods program addresses this void by supporting comprehensive approaches to providing access to high-quality educational opportunities, effective community services, and strong systems of family support. It will build on the lessons learned from the Harlem Children’s Zone, which addresses these interrelated barriers to learning and provides comprehensive supports throughout the community. The Harlem Children’s Zone has demonstrated extraordinary outcomes (Dobbie and Fryer, 2009) and provides a model for community-wide support that can be replicated, tested, and evaluated.

The report is part of a six-part series on the Department of Education’s thinking on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Read all the reports here.