Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Data (All in One Document)

19 Mar 2013 |
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Data (All in One Document)
Above: Ahh! Data is so confusing! You need a guidance document to figure it all out.

Let’s face it: using data is super necessary to getting results for children and families–but can also be incredibly difficult to collect, analyze, and use correctly. Are you confused? Well, we got you covered.

The Urban Institute has just released the eagerly-awaited Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results.

This comprehensive guidance document will provide clarity on the US Department of Education’s required indicators for Promise Neighborhoods, as well as recommend data collection strategies, sources, and methods.

And it won’t just be useful for Promise Neighborhoods—it will be broadly applicable to the larger field of place-based efforts. This will allow us to coordinate our efforts, regardless of specific initiative, and develop high-quality, consistent processes that get results for children and families in communities across the country.

The document clearly defines the federal Promise Neighborhoods indicators, provides “Top 10 Recommendations for Data Collection and Reporting,” sample data sharing agreements, and much more. We have broken down the document into chapters to help you navigate the text–you’ll also find an executive summary and complete list of appendices!

Full Guidance Document (at ed.gov)

Executive Summary, Chapter Breakdown, Appendices (on PNI website)

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