Hayward Does Good with Data

13 Mar 2013 | Erika Bernabei
Hayward Does Good with Data

Melinda Hall, Hayward Promise Neighborhoods’ Project Director and Dean Carolyn Nelson of The College of Education at CSU East Bay, Jamie Mumau, Director of  Assessment, Research & Evaluation for the Hayward Unified School District and Stephen Redmond, Coordinator Prevention & Intervention, HUSD

Hayward Promise Neighborhood has formed a successful data partnership with the local school district!

This is huge.

Hayward Promise Neighborhood’s success in acquiring individual, student-level data from the Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) makes it one of the first Promise Neighborhoods in the nation to take action on that crucial step. Hayward Promise’s strong relationship with the school district, along with a commitment to results on both ends, has truly accelerated the initiative’s momentum!

What’s the big deal?

A shared data partnership demonstrates a deep commitment to getting results for children and families. Now that a community of partners is focused on managing services and supports for children, families, and community members through a powerful data management system, Hayward will be able to take a solid approach to building a seamless cradle to career pipeline. Additionally, this type of collaboration requires a level of trust between and among the partners to have the sometimes difficult conversations that make the work move forward and stay focused on supporting the children and families. It’s tough work, and Hayward is rolling up its sleeves.

This kind of visionary leadership by the school district positions Hayward Promise for real transformative work with and for children and families in the community!