Happy Election Day! (Now Get Off the Computer and Vote!)

06 Nov 2012 |

If you’ve already voted, here’s a nice little piece by Harlem Children’s Zone President and CEO Geoffrey Canada in the latest Parade Magazine, offering a simple solution to improving education: Promise Neighborhoods!

(Were you surprised?)

In a section entitled, “Attention, Mr. President! No Politics, Just Solutions,” experts were invited to propose solutions to various problems, and Geoff Canada stepped up with the truth:

Educating our Kids

Geoffrey Canada, president of Harlem Children’s Zone

In Harlem, we have been helping children succeed by working with them and their families from the earliest age possible. The “cradle-through-college” system is what’s routinely done in middle-class communities: When kids need something—whether it’s a pair of glasses or algebra help—they get it. That, in turn, allows schools to do their work.

This comprehensive approach is now taking hold, and the federal Promise Neighborhoods program has provided matching funds to build family–school–community partnerships in poor areas. The idea is to pool a community’s resources to help kids who lack them. The talk in the capital is often about what we can’t afford to do rather than what we must do. We must go beyond piecemeal solutions.