Missed Opportunity Nation? Watch Here! (Spoiler: PNs Get a Shoutout!)

20 Sep 2012 |

There’s almost seven hours of footage from yesterday’s 2012 Opportunity Nation Summit. If you’ve got a free day, it’s all worthwhile viewing, but maybe you have to pick your kids up from school, buy groceries, go to the gym, or go to work.

Allow us to point out a few excellent pieces!

PolicyLink CEO and Founder Angela Glover Blackwell comes in at the 1:02 hour mark to talk about how we can connect young people of color to opportunities requiring higher education, why we can’t avoid talking about race, and why we can’t afford to leave this generation behind.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, sponsor of the Promise Neighborhoods Act of 2011 (which would embed the program in ESEA) speaks at the 5:55 mark. Find out why he never uses the term “pre-school,” how we can create networks to help young people succeed, and watch at the 6 hour mark as he states that he is a “huge proponent” of the Promise Neighborhoods program.

Tell it, Senator!