Everything’s Sunny in Los Angeles

13 Sep 2012 |

Lots of good vibes (and good resources) flowing to sunny southern California Promise Neighborhoods!

Boyle Heights received a $600,000 AT&T Aspire grant for their Promise Neighborhood, which will assist their academic strategies.

Youth Policy Institute has been feeling the love as well! They’re going to be part of a new $2.3 million initiative to bring free wireless internet access to the residents of Pacoima.

What else? Oh, boy!

A $12 million federal Workforce Innovation Fund grant for Los Angeles; two Citi grants for $50,000 each to improve financial literacy and asset building for college savings and entry and prepare students for college; a $54,000 grant from the National Coucil of La Raza to support and expand YPI’s Health Careers program; an IBM award of $52,000 for strategic planning services; a Verizon award of $20,000 for STEM programs in YPI schools; and so much more!

Congratulations to our LA sites!

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