So America’s Changing and You’re a Philanthropist…

27 Jun 2012 |
So America’s Changing and You’re a Philanthropist…
Above: Angela Glover Blackwell on Moyers and Company

What do you do?

PolicyLink CEO and founder Angela Glover Blackwell has some suggestions in her new Huffington Post piece–which includes an excellent example of equity-focused giving from Surdna Foundation president Phillip  Henderson. Plus, she gives us a shout-out!

“I spend a good deal of my time traveling from one city to another, visiting exemplary programs and lending my support to projects working to increase access to healthy food, provide job training, and establish public-private partnerships like Promise Neighborhoods, which provide cradle to college opportunities that enable young children to finish college, build a career, and make a contribution to the greater good.

I am heartened by the work I’ve seen and the commitments made by philanthropic as well as corporate partners. They maintain my faith that together, we can create a tomorrow where everyone participates and prospers.”

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