Webinar on Foster Youth: Register Today!

18 May 2012 |
Webinar on Foster Youth: Register Today!

Improving Outcomes for Transition Age Foster Youth: The Story of California Connected by 25

Date and Time:

May 24, 2012, 3:00-4:00pm EST


Patrick Lester, VP of Social Impact, Social Solutions


  • Teri Kook, Director of Child Welfare, Stuart Foundation
  • Wendy Kinnear-Rausch, Program Manager, Department of Children and Family Services, Santa Clara County
  • Tara Lain, ETO Project Manager, University of Berkeley

In the course of six years, the California Connected by 25 Initiative (CC25I) broke down silos, transformed systems of care and improved outcomes for youth aging out of foster care across eight counties. Funded by the Stuart Foundation and the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, county child welfare agencies worked with community partners to provide comprehensive, integrated, youth-focused services with the aim to improve permanency, education, housing, employment and financial literacy outcomes.

How did counties develop community partnerships, engage foster youth as leaders and use data to inform and improve practice? Join Patrick Lester for a conversation with CC25 leaders Teri Cook of the Stuart Foundation, ETO Project Manager Tara Lain, and Wendy Kinnear from the Department of Children and Family Services in Santa Clara County. Speakers will discuss how the collection of data across counties helped increase focus on the needs of transition age youth and ultimately improve outcomes.