Meridenite of the Week: Marisol Estrada-Soto

11 May 2012 |
Meridenite of the Week: Marisol Estrada-Soto
Above: Marisol Estrada-Soto with Harlem Children's Zone CEO Geoffrey Canada

Check out the Meriden Patch’s great piece on Marisol Estrada-Soto, chair of the Meriden Children First Initiative!

Folks in Meriden already know Marisol’s good work, but here’s a chance to get to know Marisol a little better:

Meridenite of the Week: Marisol Estrada-Soto

Marisol Estrada-Soto is always helping children, whether they’re her own 10- and 20-year-old sons, her new 10-month-old grandson, or one of hundreds of Meriden children in need. She chairsMeriden Children First Initiative (CFI), an organization that supports the health, development and learning of Meriden’s children.

In her work at Children First, Estrada-Soto has been instrumental in forming the MeridenFamily Zone, a support network for families in a distressed area of downtown. She had a hand in helping CFI secure a $465,000 Promise Neighborhood planning grant from the U.S. Department of Education to enhance and expand the Zone. A member of the executive planning committee, she is now working tirelessly to help prepare a proposal for a Promise Neighborhood implementation grant. If successful, the grant could bring in millions of dollars to improve Meriden’s inner city.

“Marisol brings an enormous amount of energy and creativity to everything she does,” says David Radcliffe, Executive Director of Children First. “Her passion and belief in the Zone has helped make it what it is today.”

“Live to make a difference!” is her motto. It appears on every email she sends. And that is exactly what she does. She puts in countless unpaid hours working toward success for all children, regardless of socioeconomic or ethnic background.

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