Michael McAfee in the Oakland Tribune: We Need to Play Moneyball

01 Mar 2012 |

Check out this op-ed from PNI Director Michael McAfee, hot off the presses of the Oakland Tribune! It’s a great look at how Promise Neighborhoods use some of the same methods Billy Beane used to revive the Oakland A’s, do more with the resources they had, and encourage the talent in all players–even those who had been consistently overlooked.

A’s aren’t the only ones who need to play Moneyball

I’ll admit — I was hoping “Moneyball” would win an Oscar.

If you haven’t seen the hit movie “Moneyball,” it’s the story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, portrayed by Brad Pitt. He figured out how to make the 2002 A’s, with about $41 million in salaries (the lowest in the league), competitive with wealthier teams who spent more than $125 million on payroll.

He found value in undervalued players — putting a catcher with a bad elbow at first base, bringing back an older player to help lead the team — to make the best use of the team’s smaller revenues and get to the championship.

Just as Beane made smart investments in the A’s with talented players who had been overlooked, we need to make smart investments in the overlooked people whose talents are key to the success of our country.

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