Video out of Athens, Georgia – “Whatever it Takes”!

29 Jul 2010 |

On August 4th, from 3-4:00pm ET, The Foundation Center will be hosting a teleconfer

This great video Whatever it Takes Athens, Georgia,  (with an introduction by REM’s Michael Stipe), illustrates the ways in which this community is going to bat to transform their schools and community. Modeling their programs on the Harlem Children’s Zone, Athens is working hard to make the model work in their community, and make a real difference in the lives of children.

Check out the video, linked to on Pauyl Tough’s Blog, Whatever It Takes: the blog of the book.

ence called, Keeping Our Promise: How Can Funders Support Promise Neighborhoods to Increase Educational Opportunity in Distressed Communities?FREE, Pre-registration is required on their website at