White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Announced

22 Sep 2010 |

At yesterday’s very exciting and highly anticipated press conference announcing the names of the 21 Promise Neighborhoods grantees, the White House also announced the newNeighborhood Revitalization Initiative.  ”The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI), a White House-led interagency collaborative, is developing and executing the Obama Administration’s place-based strategy to support local communities in developing and obtaining the tools they need to revitalize neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity.” Recognizing the need for “interconnected solutions” the Initiative aims to “better support community-based initiatives that produce significant benefits for distressed neighborhoods as well as positive outcomes for surrounding areas.”

The Initiative is being led by the White House Domestic Policy CouncilWhite House Office of Urban Affairs, and the Departments of Housing and Urban Development,EducationJusticeHealth and Human Services, and Treasury.

The Initiative has thus far centered its efforts on 5 programs:

  1. Promise Neighborhoods (ED),
  2. Choice Neighborhoods (HUD),
  3. Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (DOJ),
  4. Community Health Centers (HHS), and
  5. Behavioral Health Services (HHS)

The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative will provide collaboration tools, work on jointly funding programs, and will “host a convening on neighborhood revitalization in 2011.”

We’re looking forward to this effort to break down silos and nurture collaboration.

For the full announcement, click here.