Angela Glover Blackwell’s Article on “Why we shouldn’t wait for Superman”

08 Oct 2010 |

Yesterday Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO and Founder of PolicyLink, posted an article on, ”Why we shouldn’t wait for Superman.” She states that “the focus on teacher quality in “Waiting for ‘Superman” obscures many other challenges facing poor children today.”

Blackwell breaks apart the notion that education reform can be simplified down to a debate between teachers unions and “test-happy politicians.” Instead, she promotes the expansion of the conversation to a focus on truly transformative innovation, like the Promise Neighborhoods grant program, which speaks to the myriad of challenges poor children face in achieving academically. Instead of school reform, the focus broadens to ending “the devastating cycle of intergenerational poverty.”

Blackwell calls for Congress to respond to the need for comprehensive initiatives – and fully fund the Promise Neighborhoods program for FY 2011.

“The crisis facing American education cannot be solved by one loud voice, one large grant, one strong leader, or even one great teacher. It can only be solved if we all work together — nationally and locally — to bring children all the support they need to succeed.

We must remember that schools finish the job that communities start. Promise Neighborhoods creates a strong foundation on which all other reforms can build. We must invest in change now, before we waste the talents of more of our children.”