Planning a Promise Neighborhood – A Guide from Bridgespan Group and the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink

01 Nov 2010 |

The Nonprofit Quarterly put out an Planning a Promise Neighborhood, the new planning guide from Bridgespan Group and the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink, was released! The Guidemaps out key markers and guideposts as you lay the foundation for your own Promise Neighborhood. The children in your community are counting on you to understand what’s working well, what’s not, and why. We hope that Planning a Promise Neighborhood will help guide you down your planning pathway.

To aid in your planning, the Guideleads you through these five key questions:

  1. What do we know about the children and families we want to support, and how should we focus our efforts?
  2. What activities and programs do we need to provide in order to deliver measurable results?
  3. How should our partnership be structured and what capabilities will we need to succeed?
  4. How do we plan for our funding so that we can get the resources we need to achieve our goals and sustain our efforts over the long-term?
  5. How will we reach all of the children that our initiative aspires to impact?

You can’t answer these questions on your own. The voices of residents, partners, foundations, and other collaborators are crucial to determining where and how to start.

We hope the Guide will be useful in your planning!

the-promise-neighborhoods-planning-process&catid=149:rick-cohen&Itemid=991">article this week outlining the planning process that both Promise Neighborhoods grantees and nongrantees are taking part in – “signaling foundations that they would love to tap philanthropic dollars for matching grants, non-federal leverage, and money to jump start programs.”

The St. Paul, MN and Athens, GA grantees are highlighted, as well as high-scoring Tulsa, OK and  New Orleans, LA applicants who did not receive grants – but are continuing their strong plans.

Click here for the full article!