Oakland Schools Receive $7.5 Million in Funding from Kaiser!

10 Dec 2010 | Westminster Community Charter School – model school for the Buffalo Promise Initiative, courtesy of WNED Buffalo Toronto
Oakland Schools Receive $7.5 Million in Funding from Kaiser!
Above: Photo courtesy of the Oakland School District

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of communities across the country continuing on with their visions for neighborhood transformation with and without federal Promise Neighborhood grants.

Oakland, California school district is one of them! Oakland schools just received a $7.5 million gift from Kaiser Permanente, much of which will go to the district’s health and wellness programs. This gift is the largest corporate donation yet to fund Oakland’s efforts. Reporter Katy Murphy blogged about the Kaiser gift, which in addition to funding health oriented programing, will fund “full-service community schools” and an African American male achievement initiative. Kaiser also donated an addition $3 million “to support community-based violence prevention and youth mentoring for at-risk teens” and a humanitarian park and curriculum.

Click here for a local news video on the donation: Kaiser Donates $7.5 M to Oakland Schools

Congratulations OAKLAND!