Promise Neighborhoods Institute Plans to Provide Free Access to Data System

06 Oct 2011 |

Big News about data! Our director, Michael McAfee, explains all (with a little help from Geoffrey Canada and Adrian Bordone):

The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink is excited to announce plans to partner with Social Solutions to provide free access to ETO Software®, an efforts-to-outcomes longitudinal data system, to the 38 members of our network.

“To be accountable for a large-scale, long-term coordinated set of services and programs, it’s absolutely critical that an organization be able to track the children with whom it works. Having this kind of tracking system in place will lay a firm foundation on which Promise Neighborhoods can rebuild their communities.”
—Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO, Harlem Children’s Zone

The Institute is excited to lead this effort to focus on results and save sites more than $1 million annually. This savings will allow more public and private resources to go directly to the important work on the ground.

We will begin by providing the system to the 38 members of our network, with plans to increase our service beyond those 38 in the coming year. This is the system we need to help Promise Neighborhoods be more than a federal initiative. This is how we achieve collective impact by building a national infrastructure to assure that children are able to learn, grow, and succeed.

“Our ETO Software helps service providers and communities replicate the most impactful service models, demonstrate the results of their efforts, and provide insight that enables continuous quality improvement leading to positive outcomes for our most at-risk youth and families. We are honored by the privilege to serve and are eager to get started.”
—Adrian Bordone, Co-Founder and Vice- President

The ETO Software® will provide a crucial piece of infrastructure to burgeoning Promise Neighborhoods, as well as help us communicate the results of Promise Neighborhood efforts to a larger audience in order to advocate for more comprehensive community change efforts. When we’re all working within a shared results framework, and commit to being accountable for achieving results at a scale commensurate with the problems facing our communities today, we’ll be able to tell a powerful story of changing lives – a story that will attract the additional resources needed to sustain our work.

To enable the best use of the data system, the ETO Software® system will be linked to thePromise Scorecard, a tool that allows us to analyze and demonstrate results.

Please visit our website for updates on the integration of Social Solutions’ ETO Software®, and write to Erika Bernabei at with questions. Erika is leading this important effort on behalf of the Institute.