Green Jobs Are Great Jobs!

12 Sep 2011 |

All right, Promise Neighborhoods, let’s keep the conversation going about jobs!

You heard President Obama’s speech about his jobs plan. You read Angela Glover Blackwell’s article on Huffington Post.

And you certainly know that unemployment is a HUGE issue for lots of communities building Promise Neighborhoods across the country. In order for children to learn, grow, and succeed, they need families who can help them with homework, who can buy notebooks and pencils, who have job stability. In this economy, that’s not so easy.

It’s clear we need to tackle unemployment, and we know that some Promise Neighborhood efforts have been doing just that, because they know it’s all connected to education, to safety, to stability, to thriving–and to the environment!

Check out the video below from Green for All, and let us know what you think! How can we incorporate more green job opportunities into our communities that need the environmental health boost as well as more jobs for residents?

..and if you’re down with Green for All, do NOT miss the PolicyLink Equity Summit in Detroit this November! Van Jones will be in the house!