HuffPo: No Whack-a-Moles Here!

31 Aug 2011 |

Morna Murray’s article in the Huffington Post yesterday takes a hard look at our culture’s, well, soft look at poverty. Or, rather, inability to look straight at it. Ms. Murray, of First Focus, says:

“Can it be that poverty is simply not “sexy” enough to capture the attention of the American public? Go visit an impoverished community and see what you think. See if you think the children and families there can withstand a cut in food stamps or health care or child care or preschool funding or teachers. See if you think a piecemeal program here or there will truly change the lives of children. Is the issue not “sexy” enough for you?”

Morna Murray, Huffington Post: “Is Poverty not “Sexy” Enough?”

Are there any bright spots? You bet there is! The Harlem Children’s Zone, of course, and Promise Neighborhoods, which take away the traditional whack-a-mole approach to ending poverty by addressing all issues at once, in a coordinated, strategic manner.

She does, however, make the point that not enough Promise Neighborhoods are funded, and those that have funding need more resources to really make a difference.

We couldn’t agree more!