Don’t Risk the Rush! Register NOW on

22 Aug 2011 |

Promise Neighborhood applicants know that September 6 is the magic date, but don’t plan for the application process to be magical!

There will be a big rush as communities all across the country (almost 600!) file their applications, so be safe and register your group NOW to ensure smooth filing on the day of. (Also, if you’re ready early, submit early! That will certainly help ensure your application goes through.)

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ll help you take it a step at a time. Register your group on (easy!), look over the application guidelines, and check out our application guides to help you apply (helpful!).

And this happens to be finance week, so register now for our two finance webinars today and tomorrow!

If you’ve got questions, chances are we’ve got advice, resources, tools, webinars, guides, experts, and an open ear. Take a breath and get in touch. This is the work.