Gov. Dayton Forms Early Learning Council in MN!

11 Aug 2011 |
Gov. Dayton Forms Early Learning Council in MN!
Above: Gov. Mark Dayton

We’re loving the focus on early learning and early childhood development lately. We had anexcellent series of calls on early childhood work–early learning is a competitive priority in this year’s Promise Neighborhoods applications–Senator Harkin and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan just highlighted the importance of early childhood educationin Des Moines, and other great early childhood efforts are popping up all over.

Let’s head to…Minnesota!

Already a strong, civically-engaged state with two burgeoning Promise Neighborhoods (the St. Paul Promise Neighborhood, which received a planning grant last year, and the Northside Achievement Zone in Minneapolis, which did not), Minnesota is directing even more energy to important Promise Neighborhood elements.

Governor Mark Dayton has formed an Early Learning Council (which includes some folks who work on Promise Neighborhoods efforts!) to help the state reach its goal of all third graders knowing how to read.

We love to see it!