Choosing a Data System? We’ve Got a Tool for That

07 Jun 2011 |

If you’re building a Promise Neighborhood, you know how difficult it is to collect and evaluate data. You also know how important it is.

But what kinds of questions do you ask yourself? What questions do you ask a data provider? What system makes sense for you? What data should you collect?Why is it so important, anyway?

We’ve tried to help out with this tool, Choosing a Data System. It’s got a list of criteria and recommended functions for a data system, and includes questions you should ask yourself as you move forward with data.

We created this tool by asking experts in the field, and the folks who need it most–Promise Neighborhood leaders!

Check it out and let us know what you think. And as always, if you’re thinking data, read up on our suggestions for creating a plan to use data. You can find a copy of the tool there, too.