New Promise Neighborhoods in Michigan!

20 Apr 2011 |

There are already Promise Neighborhood being planned in River Rouge and Detroit neighborhoods, but some other communities in the Great Lakes State are getting to work as well!

A neighborhood in Kalamazoo, and a second one in Detroit, are planning Promise Neighborhoods. Focus: HOPE’s Promise Neighborhood would be based in Detroit’s north central neighborhood, and would aim to provide a foundation for a “layer of nonprofit services for children and families, with a focus on education” (Crain Service News). This project is on its way, and William Jones, CEO of Focus: HOPE, says they plan to move forward with or without federal funding.

Kalamazoo’s program is Communities in Schools; members from the group visited the Harlem Children’s Zone to get some ideas, and are gearing up to get their Promise Neighborhood going!

Focus: HOPE brings together people from the city and suburbs for a WALK through our neighborhood.