New PolicyLink Report Highlights Relationship Between Race, Place, & Health

18 Apr 2011 |

A new PolicyLink report clearly demonstrates that addressing long-term racial inequities is key to crafting effective strategies to build healthy, vibrant communities.

Promise Neighborhood planners know firsthand that where you live is a proxy for how you live, and nowhere is this more evident than among communities of color.

From heart disease and cancer, to child mortality and asthma, African Americans, Latinos and other people of color are more likely to face significant health challenges–and more likely to die from those challenges. Last week, national research and action institute PolicyLinkreleased the new report “Why Place and Race Matter,” making the undeniable case that race must be central to the decisions made by policymakers, advocates, and community leaders if we ever hope to close the racial health gap.

Check it out! It will undoubtedly be useful to your work. Click here for more information and to access “Why Place and Race Matter.”