White House Cites Promise Neighborhoods as Key to Winning the Future

29 Mar 2011 |

In a press release yesterday on improving educational opportunities and outcomes for Latino students, the White House lists three Promise Neighborhoods as examples of excellence in President Obama’s agenda to win the future.

From the press release:

•The Eastside Promise Neighborhood project in San Antonio, where the United Way will enlist and engage partners to work with five schools and an early childhood center serving an ethnically diverse neighborhood with a Hispanic majority and a growing Mexican immigrant population.  This project will improve parent engagement, provide professional development to preschool and school staff, and deliver resources for economic redevelopment and housing.

• The Community Day Care Center in Lawrence, MA, which will work with several schools to develop sustainable educational supports and solutions in a community that is 68% Hispanic, and in which 40% of adults lack a high school diploma.

• Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission, which will work in the 30-block Boyle Heights area in Los Angeles, a community where more than 90% of residents are Hispanic and one-third of families are below the poverty line.

You can also read the press release in Spanish, courtesy of MetroLatinoUSA.com