Mayor Chris Coleman: St. Paul Promise Neighborhood an Innovative Response to Economic Uncertainty

22 Mar 2011 |

The Twin Cities Daily Planet interviewed St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman on his views on neighborhood challenges and improvement strategies. Mayor Coleman, a strong advocate for Promise Neighborhoods, knows that issues are interconnected at the neighborhood level, and it’s not always easy or productive to separate efforts into different departments. He also understands how education works in the mix of housing, jobs, and safety:

“If you’re going to talk about an economic development strategy, a public safety strategy, a housing strategy it begins with making sure that our children start off school ready to learn. If I can get somebody a job with a two or four year degree the chances that they’re going to need affordable housing are very significantly reduced. If they’re involved in an out-of-school-time program, it’s a lot less likely that they’ll be engaged in criminal activity. So neighborhood challenges start with education for me.”

Read the full interview here.