Buffalo Promise in the News!

25 Feb 2011 |

Check out this article in the UB Reporter for info on the Buffalo Promise! This Promise Neighborhood in Western New York is led by the Westminster Charter Community School Foundation, and includes the State University of New York at Buffalo, an institution linked in by the University’s Center for Educational Collaboration. Think that’s a lot of groups? There are so many more that have signed on to make Buffalo Promise successful.

Mara Huber, of the Center for Educational Collaboration, knows Buffalo is “rich in resources, but where we struggle is in connecting and mobilizing those resources in a way that results in change.”

That’s a tricky place to be, but Huber says that Buffalo Promise “provides us with a really exciting opportunity to work this out.”

“We’re the process people, the conduit. As the partners need things from us—faculty, staff, data—we get them.” –Mara Huber, Director, Center for Educational Collaboration

Watch them do it! Read the whole article here, and keep checking back for updates.