Webinar This Thurs! Strive + PNI = Infrastructure Alignment

26 Nov 2012 |

Our own director, Michael McAfee, presented on a webinar with Strive and a few community leaders -- those building Promise Neighborhoods and regional cradle to career infrastructures -- to talk about how our efforts can complement each other.

Aligning for Impact: Connecting Promise Neighborhoods and Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure
November 29, 2012

Panelists for the webinar include:

Jeff Edmondson, Strive 
Michael McAfee, Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink 
Agnes Chiao, United Way of Salt Lake City 
Bill Crim, United Way of Salt Lake City 
Kelli Parmley, Bridging Richmond 
Gwen Corley-Creighton, Richmond Promise Neighborhood